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Where am I? Well that depends on when you read this. I've lived in all sorts of places including Kilrenny and Somewhere in Switzerland and, of course In The Village. What do you want? Information. That's for you to say but if you like wandering through the pages of this site then that's a good start and there are plenty of links that will take you off to other sites covering all sorts of things I get involved in, in some cases, because they are really ancient sites, never to return here. Whose side are you on? For heaven's sake anything but Labour. That would be telling. We want information. You won't get it! Well probably not what you're looking for, anyway. By hook or by crook, we will. Who are you? I get visitors from all over the world so I'll have no idea. The new Number Two. You are Number Six. Or if you're new here, whatever the number says on the site index page. I am not a Number. I am a free man! Help me stay that way. Contracts welcome.