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My first web designs were way back in 1997 using a free version of FrontPage from a Freeserve CD, hosted on Lineone space when they had free unlimited dial-up. Xoom also offered free hosting and I had some of the first Geocities pages. NetObjects Fusion4 arrived and I never touched the Microsoft product again! By 1998 I had the studyzone and plus sites for friends using Fusion still. Learned Dreamweaver in a hurry when I was asked to run the web design course at college in 2002 and gradually transferred from Fusion, although if I could have persuaded the college to teach an alternative to beginners I'm sure a lot more would have been inspired. Now there are several educational and business sites I've created and I feel well-placed to make the most of the new era that Moodle, Googlepages, n|vu and Pageflakes present to us all. However, The Internet Archive Wayback Machine won't let us hide the past!!